16 Places That Can Be Visited In Ubud In 3 Days

Moodvac – Welcome to Bali! In case you’re wanting to visit the Island of Gods, odds are Ubud will be on your rundown of spots to see. What are the best activities in Ubud, and to what extent would it be a good idea for you to spend there? We’ve intended to address these inquiries (and the sky is the limit from there) right now in Ubud article!

Goodness, Ubud! Home to sanctuaries, rice patios, monkeys, around a million bikes and about the same number of ‘illuminated’ Westerners searching for their own one of a kind adaptation of THAT BOOK. Where yoga studios dwarf Bali bowls, and there’s in every case a ‘circle’ or ‘retreat’ going on.

I surmise that from this introduction, you’ll have made sense of we are undecided with regards to Ubud. We didn’t exactly feel the ‘Ubud enchantment’, yet we didn’t despise the spot either.

On one hand, we cherished the delightful nature encompassing the town, and the many cool things do in Ubud – on the other, the traffic, turmoil, and overtourism truly got to our nerves.

Having said that, the spot is absolutely worth seeing, and you may discover you love it. Possibly each one of those ‘circles’, ‘withdraws’, and ‘euphoric moves’ are surely your jam. On the off chance that they aren’t, dread not – there are a lot of spots to see and activities in and around Ubud, and a decent assortment of day excursions and exercises, including the absolute most delightful characteristic places in Bali!

How long in Ubud?

There’s actually a ton to do in Ubud – you could go through seven days, or even a month, and not get exhausted, yet in case you’re similar to us you’ll be overpowered by the traffic and groups. In case you’re a beginner, 3 days in Ubud are perfect to figure out the spot – and on the off chance that you can extend it to 5, you’ll possess energy for some time or another outings away!

We should view what to do in case you’re in Ubud for 3 days!

Activities in Ubud – Day 1

1. Sunrise at Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Start your 3-day Ubud agenda with dawn meandering Tegalalang rice patios, one of the most celebrated activities in Ubud! Tegalalang rice porches are best visited at dawn to get away from the groups, since this is really perhaps the busiest spot around Ubud, also one of the most Insta-adored.

It takes around 45 minutes to visit Tegalalang rice patios, and the passage costs IDR 10,000 for every individual. As you stroll around the site, you’ll discover local people requesting ‘tips’ to enter their rice fields, so keep some little change close by on the off chance that you wish to do as such.

2. Sound Healing at Pyramids of Chi

After breakfast, it’s an ideal opportunity to look at another famous activity in Ubud, some portion of that entire cluster of ‘otherworldly encounters’ that make Ubud interesting – Pyramids of Chi.

These are two imitations of the celebrated Pyramids in Egypt, discovered simply outside Ubud. Various occasions and encounters happens every day in the Pyramids – from cacao services to sound recuperating, gong pujas, full moon social affairs and the sky is the limit from there.

I am constantly inquisitive and ready to evaluate new encounters, so I joined the ‘Antiquated Sound Healing’ experience. Visitors are invited to rests on mats and unwind, while gongs and instruments like woodwinds and didgeridoos are played, inviting a condition of profound, thoughtful unwinding.

I didn’t exactly arrive – however delighted in the experience in any case. Unquestionably one of those truly #blessed activities in Ubud!

3. Rice Fields Walk

Something I loved best in Ubud was the chance to take strolls. In the event that you’ve been to Bali, you’ll realize that strolling isn’t a thing – between the warmth, bikes, and nonattendance of trails even in towns, it ranges from terrible to out and out risky.

In the event that you love investigating by walking as we do, you’ll be glad to realize that there are some cool nature strolls to do in Ubud! One of them really begins practically around the bend from Pyramids of Chi, and weaves its way through rice paddies for about an hour until it arrives at the focal point of Ubud, in the region of the royal residence.

The primary portion of the walk is extremely serene and picturesque, with not very many travelers in sight. It’s not as beautiful as Tegalalang, however you’re probably going to have the spot to yourself. One of the most lovely activities in Ubud on the off chance that you ask me!

4. Lunch at Sari Organik

Part of the way through your rice fields stroll from Pyramids of Chi back to Ubud, you’ll go over a bistro called Sari Organik. It’s an extraordinary spot to appreciate lunch with a view – nourishment is natural and veggie lover, and in case you’re hot, there’s a likewise a wide scope of crisp foods grown from the ground, also coconuts!

5. Campuhan Ridge Walk at Sunset

In the wake of spending the most sultry piece of the day loosening up some place, it’s an ideal opportunity to take off around nightfall for another short trek – the Campuhan Ridge Walk, a simple way following the edge of a slope in the edges of Ubud, encompassed by timberland and rice fields.

The Campuhan Ridge Walk begins a couple hundred meters from the Ubud Market. Straight from one point to the other, it’s not a long way from the rice fields walk portrayed at #4, yet the perspectives are totally unique – the Campuhan Ridge Walk follows an edge running over the peaks, with beautiful perspectives over the encompasses, while the other is to a great extent level.

Abstain from doing the Campuhan Ridge Walk in the warmth of the day as there’s next to no shade, and regardless of whether the walk can be viewed as simple there’s a considerable measure of good and bad times. Pick the late evening, when it’s one of the most charming activities in Ubud!

6. Dinner at Fair Bale Warung

How about we end the first of your 3 days in Ubud with a supper at Fair Bale Warung, a café run by the neighborhood NGO Fair Future Foundation. All benefits are utilized to help free clinical medicines for individuals out of luck – one feast will pay for two medications!

The café is in the focal point of Ubud, on the main floor of a structure, with sees onto the road beneath. The menu includes a scope of Thai and Indonesian top picks, including meat, fish, and vegan dishes. We attempted the red curry and tempe cashew nut sautéed food, and they were both acceptable. Regarding activities in Ubud, this is a genuinely extraordinary feasting experience!

Activities in Ubud – Day 2

7. Start your Day at a Waterfall

Together with rice porches, cascades are the other not-to-be missed activity in Ubud. There are a lot of cascades to browse not a long way from Ubud, and you can even go through a whole day jumping starting with one cascade then onto the next.

The most popular cascades are Tegenungan and Kanto Lampo, both situated about thirty minutes from Ubud. They’re probably going to be very packed during the day, so visit as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances in the event that you need to appreciate them in harmony.

Somewhat further from Ubud you’ll discover Tibumana and Tukad Cepung, which could undoubtedly be joined in a half-day trip. In any case, my preferred cascade is Nung, about an hour north of Ubud. It takes the greater part of the day to arrive and back, so why not stretch out your Ubud remain to 5 days and burn through one investigating Nung and encompasses?

8. Tirta Empul Water Temple

You can’t miss adding a sanctuary or three to your rundown of activities in Ubud! The most exceptional sanctuary in the quick regions is Tirta Empul, otherwise called ‘the water sanctuary’, celebrated for its spring waters and sanitization pools.

Visitors are free to join local people for refinement customs in the two pools, fixed with around twelve planes of running water. You’ll have to wear an exceptional green or blue sarong to enter the pools, and you should follow a particular request – beginning the left hand side, and proceeding with right to one side.

There are no clarifications on the most proficient method to carry on at the sanctuary, so follow local people or contract a neighborhood manual for make certain to demonstration deferentially. Two water planes are intended to be skipped, as they are just utilized for funerary ceremonies – the keep going two on the privilege in the main water pool. The mark is in Balinese possibly, so inquire as to whether you don’t know!

Here are a few visits including Tirta Empul!

9. Shopping at Ubud Market

Ubud is likewise an incredible spot for shopping. Shops selling yoga gear, collection of mistresses pants and flowy shirts/dresses are everywhere throughout the town, including some flawless boutiques where you’ll most likely address comparative costs to Europe or the US.

On the off chance that you need to catch a few arrangements and get some Bali gifts, your most logical option would head Ubud Market, over the street from the Palace directly in the core of town. The two-story building is filled to the overflow with batik shirts, Balinese manikins, silk scarves, flatware, tye-color textures and the sky is the limit from there.

Numerous things are mass delivered, yet you can in any case discover some distinctive pieces. Remember to deal, and recall that venders further from the passage generally offer better costs.

10. Coconut Ice Cream at Tukies

In the wake of shopping you’ll presumably require something invigorating! Head to Tukies, a bistro with three outlets around, for a bowl of their coconut frozen yogurt. The frozen yogurt is delightful all alone, yet it comes beat with youthful coconut, coconut fragile and caramelized coconut. Would i be able to have one please?

11. Have a Manis Klepon Massage at DaLa Spa

Ubud is furious! In case you’re feeling overpowered, take some break from touring and treat yourself with a pleasant back rub.

We remained at Alaya Resort in Ubud, so we went to their in-house spa for a two-hour Manis Klepon signature treatment. The treatment began with a foot clean, trailed by a full body rub utilizing Jasmine oil, which was so loosening up I nearly nodded off.

The Manis Klepon treatment is roused from the elements of Balinese rice cakes, which (spoiler alert) you’ll likewise get the opportunity to taste! After the back rub, I got a body scour with a blend of crisply ground coconut blended in with palm sugar, trailed by a body wrap scented with pandanus leaves – all elements of Klepon rice cakes.

At long last, you can’t state you’ve been to Bali until you’ve had a blossom shower, isn’t that so? The treatment closes with a scented shower, imbued with 7 kinds of new blossoms. It was genuine happiness, and by a long shot and away the best thing I did during my 3 days in Ubud!

12. Crispy Duck for Dinner at Bebek Bengil

Did you realize eating duck is exceptionally basic around Ubud? This is on the grounds that ducks were normally utilized by rice ranchers to fend bugs off in the paddies, so it shocks no one that duck includes intensely on menus all over Ubud.

Two of the most well known duck-based dishes are bebek betutu (steamed or cooked duck) and bebek goreng (seared firm duck), as a rule presented with rice and vegetables as a side. Bebek Bengil is one of the ‘first’ firm duck eateries in Ubud, open since 1990 and as yet going solid. It’s occupied and expensive, however the duck is great.

An option to Bebek Bengil is Petani Restaurant at Alaya Resort, simply nearby, which likewise serves a mean firm duck!

Activities in Ubud – Day 3

13. Water Purification at Mengening Temple

I chose to devote the remainder of our 3 days in Ubud to a really exceptional encounter – a service drove by Luh, a Balinese priestess, trailed by contemplation and an individual counsel with a shaman.

I booked this experience by means of Airbnb, after it came prescribed by my dear companion Veera Bianca. It began with a visit to Mengening Temple at dawn, where we contemplated and occupied with a water filtration function – like the one you can do at Tirta Empul, then again, actually there was not a single other visitor to be found.

Mengening signifies ‘stillness’ – the straightforward demonstration of being there gave me a feeling of unadulterated, unadulterated harmony. Having the option to take part in an ageless custom under the direction of a neighborhood is the thing that made my experience genuinely uncommon – I am really speechless with regards to depicting what I felt.

I energetically prescribe booking Luh’s ‘Reflect With a Shaman’ Airbnb Experience, yet in the event that she’s completely reserved or dates don’t work out you can generally visit Mengening Temple freely – it’s about thirty minutes from Ubud. Nonetheless, if it’s not too much trouble recollect this is particularly a local people just sanctuary, so please try to remain deferential and don’t utilize it essentially as your own Insta setting. If you don’t mind

14. Visit a Shaman

Our experience proceeded with a visit to a neighborhood town, where we as a whole had an individual counsel with a shaman. It was an encounter that I had needed to have for quite a while, since the time our outing to India in 2010 – however I was constantly terrified of what I may have discovered.

For reasons unknown, you simply need to meet with a receptive outlook and open heart, and you might be compensated with direction, and perhaps another point of view. The shaman was a thoughtful lady and I adored gathering her. Will her expectations work out as expected? I’ll tell you in 15 years!

Ubud is brimming with shamans and healers, the majority of which charge sensible rates, and most likely a decent amount of pretenders, as well. In the event that meeting a shaman is on your rundown of activities in Ubud, I unquestionably prescribe booking the visit with Luh – or something bad might happen, simply make a few inquiries and follow your emotions.

15. Sunrise Trek on Mount Batur

On the off chance that shamans and decontaminations are not your thing, we can prescribe another (extremely) early morning action for your third day in Ubud – a dawn trek to the summit of Mount Batur, a functioning fountain of liquid magma.

Mount Batur is in focal Bali, about an hour drive from Ubud. Pick-ups are accessible from everywhere throughout the island, and Ubud is normally the last stop before arriving at the vehicle leave where the climb starts – implying that you’ll get the chance to stay in bed somewhat more, and you’ll be back in a matter of moments after your climb.

This trek was one of the features within recent memory in Bali – read our Mount Batur manual for know more, or simply book this voyage through Mount Batur with Trip!

16. Eat Babi Guling

You can’t leave Ubud without attempting babi guling, a Balinese delicacy of cooked suckling pig with herbs and chillies, as a rule presented with rice and fresh skin. You’re probably not going to discover babi guling somewhere else in Indonesia, since the nation is principally Muslim and this is a pork-based dish, so don’t pass up on the chance to have it in Bali!

A great many people will prescribe to have babi guling at Warung Ibu Oka, adored by many including the late Anthony Bourdain. We don’t suggest supporting this eatery since they have set up a little creature zoological garden for vacationer diversion out the back, with confined monkeys and tied cockatoos.

Close by Babi Guling Nung Cung is a superior choice – and truly, attempting babi guling truly has the right to be in your rundown of activities in Ubud!

Where to Stay in Ubud

It is highly unlikely around it – Ubud is occupied, and traffic can truly do your head in. Hence, we chose not to remain at the dazzling ‘wilderness manors’ around the town, yet settled on a delightful inn closer to the inside – the awesome Alaya Resort.

Alaya is really a desert spring of harmony, directly around the bend from the focal point of Ubud. Venture through the Balinese-style anteroom, and stroll towards the rice patios situated in the lodging grounds, and the town will feel miles away.

We thought Alaya was an incredible spot to loosen up during our 3 days touring around Ubud. Other than the Manis Klepon spa experience, we cherished hanging out by the pool, getting a charge out of the complimentary evening tea with Balinese desserts, or simply sitting by our patio, taking a gander at the rice fields and little sanctuary situated inside the inn grounds, where staff put contributions a few times each day.

Our room was immaculate to unwind – the gigantic ruler bed was the comfiest we rested in Bali, and we even had an enormous bath notwithstanding a downpour shower, all completely supplied with top-level toiletries. We cherished remaining at Alaya Resort, and would return instantly!

The most effective method to Get Around Ubud

  • Scooter – this is by a long shot and away the most mainstream approach to get around Ubud, just as the remainder of Bali. Bike rental is modest at about 60K IDR every day, and somewhere in the range of 600 and 700K IDR for a whole month.

It’s an exceptionally helpful approach to get around, however PLEASE practice outrageous alert in case you’re not a certain rider, and ensure you’re secured by movement protection.

  • Grab/Go-Jek – ride sharing applications are an incredible option in contrast to leasing your own bike in Bali, while forestalling the peril of being ripped off by dodgy taxi or motorbike drivers.

In the event that you need a vehicle, decide on Grab, while Go-Jek permits you to hitch a ride on the rear of a motorbike – a lot less expensive and progressively helpful to get away from Ubud’s awful traffic.

You may think that its difficult to get a ride on Go-Jek and Grab in and around Ubud, since nearby drivers advance boycotting ride-sharing applications – in light of the fact that they make it harder to cheat travelers! Continue attempting, and in the event that you truly can’t get a ride through the applications and need to fall back on normal motorbike or cabbies, remember to wrangle.

  • Private Driver – procuring a private driver for a day is an incredible, bother free approach to look at things to see around Ubud, or to make a trip to and from the city on the off chance that you have gear.

Rates are helpful at about 600K IDR for a day, and moves from one city to the next for the most part follow set passages – for example, Ubud to Canggu is 300K. Moodvac.com

On the off chance that you are searching for a solid private driver, connect with Yung – her telephone number is +62 811 5997 995

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